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Stormy Sea Simulation work created for Yellow Moon / Double Band Films:

Particle Based Water Animation

Our Water Tool Development (First Draft)

Displacement Based Water Animation

  • This setup is displacement based saving allot of simulation and render time. This displacement based system distorts geometry to look like water rather than building water shapes using millions of particles. It's much faster. We have started building this GPU based tool which will make water creation allot more efficient, controllable, and cost affective. 

  • Wetting is also included in this setup. As you can see in the demo video above,  the wet parts of the iceberg slowly dry. This tool is mixing a dry and wet material over time in areas that interact with the water.

  • Mist is created using smoke based animation techniques as an alternative to millions of particles. This again saves time at the rendering and simulation stage.

  • Normal based rotation uses the surface to automatically rotate the object in the water. This also speeds things up and will allow multiple objects to float in the scene.

  • A streamlined project setup with separation of the design stage and cache stage of the animation. This will make it easier for anyone using the tool to find the important options at each stage while using in the setup.

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