Fishhealer is a media consultancy company focused on digital solutions in VFX for Film and TV, as well as Interactive Content and Music Production. Founded by VFX Artist and Musician Nathan Mateer. Get in touch if you think we can help you out on your next creative adventure.

"what is fishhealer?"

Initially started as a place for VFX research and general tinkering. Fishhealer is growing into other avenues such as mobile gaming, interactive art, music and motion graphics. Get in touch if you need some of our mad skills on your next project.

Recent Adventures

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VFX: Disintegration Simulation Research
TV: "An Diabhal Inti" (The Devil's in Her) using AI
FILM: "Black Medicine"  | Digital Compositing for 23ten
FILM: "DEFROST"  | Digital Frost
ART: "Rebel Grrlz Radio"
 FILM: "Doineann" | VFX/Water Simulation
Logo Animation + Sound Design for ORS / Additude Creative
"HELP THE EARTH" | Mobile Game
 A Face Tracking Display | Research
Music: Production Tracks
VFX: Water Simulation | Research
"FOLLOWING EYES" | Face Detection Research

VFX, Music & Media Consulting

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